It is our vision to provide our children with an exceptional education, underpinned by Christian values, which develops well-rounded citizens equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to our local community and the wider world.

Our aims

  • To create a safe and nurturing environment where our children are able to thrive;
  • To ensure all members of the school community feel valued and appreciated;
  • To provide children with a motivating curriculum which meets the needs of all learners;
  • To broaden children’s understanding and appreciation of the wider world and the different communities within it;
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities for children to develop new talents, interests and skills;
  • To ensure our staff and children believe in their own ability and have high aspirations for themselves and each other;
  • To develop our children as independent, resilient learners with an appreciation of the value of hard work and challenge;
  • To promote positive behaviour through developing our children’s independence in making the right choices;
  • To give our children a voice in their learning and across the school, promoting a sense of belonging and community;
  • To promote the development of social skills which will support the building of positive relationships;
  • To provide the children with a stimulating learning environment which supports learning.