Mr J Butterwood

Science is the gateway to understanding the wider world and what we observe daily around us. Ultimately, science makes the world we live in -thus our communities – safer, more valuable and more sustainable. It possesses an endless future and provides us with a chance to improve the way we live. Children are a part of this future! We require curious minds that are brave and challenge the ideals that we already know to benefit us all. Throughout history, science has guided us to what we understand about the wider world today.

Through the study of a diverse range of scientific themes, children are taught the principles and knowledge they need to be scientists of the future. Practical learning in science is fascinating and creates memories and sparks of curiosity like no other subject. With this, children learn the key value of perseverance and failure to ultimately rethink or retest a theory in another way. To quote Thomas Edison, an inventor and scientist who has drastically shaped the way we live in the modern world...

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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Progression in Science


Year 2 - Habitats | Year 2 - How does your garden growYear 2 - MaterialsYear 2 - Staying Alive

Year 3 - Moving and growing | Year 3 - Roots and ShootsYear 3 - We are Scientists

Year 4 - Welcome to the Jungle | Year 4 - Bottoms burps and bileYear 4 - It's Show Time

Year 5 - Circle of LifeYear 5 - ForcesYear 5 - Space

Year 6 - Blood HeartYear 6 - Darwin's Delights | Year 6 Light and Electricity


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