At All Saints Academy we pride ourselves in providing motivational and exciting learning opportunities which develop a life-long love of learning.

Our broad and balanced curriculum provides pupils with engaging and creative opportunities built around the objectives set out in the National Curriculum. It allows our pupils to gain skills and knowledge and develop their talents across a wide range of subjects. The content is progressive and logically sequenced allowing pupils to build on prior knowledge and skills. Through its design, pupils know more and remember more.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of the pupils and their families within our community. Aspirations and Communication and Language are our school key drivers and sit at the heart of our curriculum.


At All Saints Academy we aim to broaden the horizons of our pupils through providing a wide range of opportunities beyond their typical life experiences.

Communication and Language

Language and communication are fundamental within a child’s personal, social and academic development. A key aim of our curriculum is that our pupils develop the skills to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Our distinctive Christian values are embedded throughout our curriculum and can be seen explicitly through the life of the school promoting our pupils to: respect all, aspire to excellence, persevere always and succeed.

The range of experiences we offer support and champion our culture and ensures that our children benefit from a full range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities. These activities enrich their lives and those of our whole school community and make them proud of their British values and diverse society to which they belong and play an active role in.

As a school we follow a thematic approach which engages our pupils in their learning. Within this clear links are made between core subjects and the wider curriculum allowing pupils to apply their reading, writing and maths skills. Theme and STEM days are utilized to bring subjects to life and to offer a clear purpose for children’s learning.

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