Mrs L Shepherd

I believe that history is such a fascinating and crucial aspect of the curriculum. History teaches us how to learn from the errors made in the past and helps us understand changes and advances made by different global societies. It also provides us with a context from which to understand ourselves and others. By studying a diverse range of significant historical events and figures, children are able to learn about real life examples of individuals who did and did not demonstrate our four key values of respect, aspire to excellence, persevere always and ultimately succeed. This will give the children the opportunity to understand how implementing the key values within their own lives can have a positive impact.

I believe that history gives everyone who studies it an exciting opportunity to create a better future for subsequent generations.

To quote the famous female African American poet Maya Angelou:

 I have great respect for the past. If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going.”


ASA History journey

Progression in History

Year 1 - The Great Fire of London  | Year 2 - The Voyage |  Year 3 - The Egyptians |  Year 3 - The Stone Age  | Year 4 - Ancient Mayans | Year 4 - Vikings | Year 5 - Ancient Greeks  | Year 6 - The Romans | Year 6 - WWII


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