Miss L Neal

Music is a life pulse! Music is a universal language that speaks to all and promotes creativity. It has the power to change the way pupils think, feel and act, enabling personal expression, reflection and emotional development.  It engages the mind and the soul, helping release endorphins to promote happy energy, engaging everyone and promoting talents in different ways.

Our music curriculum (through Charanga) encourages children to explore musical traditions from around the world and promotes diversity. It enhances their knowledge of pulse and rhythms, building across the years their recognition of musical notation and their improvisation skills.

Here at All Saints, pupils can participate in music learning in many ways. The response from our pupils in lessons is always that of fun and enthusiasm. Our pupils will not only learn about music but will foster a love of music and become musicians themselves, able to share, perform and appreciate music using their new found knowledge. 


Progression in Music

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